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Northwest High School Media Center: English 9A Disease and Disability

"When we open a book, research a topic, wonder, build, tinker, ponder a quote, argue a point, adjust an attitude, define and test our character, we learn something new and have an opportunity to contribute to the world."


Objective: To individually research a mental, genetic, or autoimmune disorder, critically think about it, and creatively share the scope of the issue/problem by creating a Google website.

Before conducting research, brainstorm as a group what you already know about your topic.  At the end of your group share you should have terms or phrases to help you.  Think about what other students writers added to your placemat.  Are there misconceptions? Do you need info on medications?

Example:  From this example I know that I need to:  talk about mood swings, find out about medication, explain what medication does, find out about physical side effects like appetite.

Research/Cornell Notes

            You are required to find 3-5 articles on your topic.  You will keep track of these sources in your bibliography packet, and you will have 4 sets of Cornell notes: 1) Overview of the Disorder/Disability, 2) Symptoms, 3) Treatments, and 4) Prognosis.  Be sure to include the MLA citation information for both the bibliography and the parenthetical citations.

Due Dates:

Wednesday, Nov. 4 -- Choose your topic

Monday, Nov. 9 -- Collect overview notes

Tuesday, Nov. 10 -- Collect symptom notes

Thursday, Nov. 12 -- Collect treatment notes

Friday, Nov. 13 – Collect prognosis notes

Monday, Nov. 16 – Set up Website/Wrap up Notes

Tuesday, Nov. 17 – Start working on website

Monday, Nov. 23 – Finish Website/Project Due

Create a Website

You will create a website about your topic.  This website will include 4 pages:

  1. Overview Page –

    *Write 1-2 paragraphs that gives a basic introduction to your   


    *Include 3-4 direct quotes – Must be integrated and cited correctly

    *Cite all information, including paraphrasing

    *Include 1 picture/chart/image related to your disorder, and make sure to include a caption that explains the picture.

  2. Symptoms –

    *Create a bulleted list of symptoms

    *You MUST paraphrase all of the information – NO DIRECT QUOTES 

    *Include 1 picture/chart/image related to the symptoms, and include a caption   

      that explains the picture.

  3. Treatments

    *Create a bulleted list of treatments 

    *You MUST paraphrase the information – NO DIRECT QUOTES

    *Include 1 picture/chart/image related to the treatment, and include a caption

      that explains the picture.

  4. Prognosis –

    *Write 1-2 paragraphs that explains what the prognosis is like to live with this

       disorder/disability.  In other words, what is it like to live with the  

       disability/disorder that you have researched? 

    *Include 1 picture/chart/image related to the prognosis for your  

      disorder/disability, and include a caption that explains the picture.

  5. Works Cited Page

    *Use MLA format to list your sources for your website

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Fetal Alcohol Syndrome:


Huntington’s disease:



Multiple Sclerosis:


Obsessive-compulsive disorder



Post-traumatic stress disorder:




Sickle Cell Disease:


Spina Bifida:


Tourette’s syndrome