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Northwest High School Media Center: Controversial Issues (Science) Report

"When we open a book, research a topic, wonder, build, tinker, ponder a quote, argue a point, adjust an attitude, define and test our character, we learn something new and have an opportunity to contribute to the world."


Science for TEENS: STEM Topics

Controversial Issues Project Desciption

Controversial Issues Report

Science and technology continues to advance human knowledge at a rapid pace and challenges accepted beliefs.  Often, it seems scientific research is advancing faster than laws can be created to ensure it proceeds in a safe, humane manner.  Human cloning, for example, ignites the passion of both experts and the general population on ethical, moral, religious, economic, and political grounds.  All members of society are called upon to make decisions about their health, their recreation and how their actions affect the environment.


Description: this assignment, you will have the opportunity to read about four controversial issues genetic engineering, cloning, stems cells and genetic testing.  Select one of these issues, or one of your own choosing, and write an essay that describes the issue and your opinion of how this issue should be handled by society.

Report  Must Be Turned in to

In order to be considered on-time:

Your paper must be submitted to BEFORE class on the due date (Print a copy of the confirmation)


A hard copy of the Report must be submitted IN CLASS on the due date.

MUST attach a copy of the confirmation to the back of the report

Reports submitted after the due date (considered late) will have 10% deducted from the grade.   Reports submitted after the DEADLINE will earn a grade of ZERO.

All reports must be written by the individual – this goes for all parts of the report. 

Cheating or Plagiarism will result in a ZERO for ALL parties involved!

In your essay, be sure to include:

  • A description of the issue
  • A summary of the science behind the issue
  • The pros for the issue
  • The cons against the issue
  • The implications for the future if this issue became a regular, wide-spread part of society.


Your essay should be typed, double-spaced, 12 pt font.  It should be a minimum of two pages in length.

Include:  With your essay, be sure to include a completed “Biotechnology and Society Notes Table”.  All 4 issue areas should be completed.  The blank row is available should you choose to select a topic of your own.

Report Rubric   Summative Grade


A description of the issue                                               ______/   2 pts

A summary of the science behind the issue                     ______/   2 pts

The pros of the issue (two ideas)                                   ______/    3 pts.

The cons of the issue (two ideas)                                    ______/   3 pts

The implications for the future.                                      ______/   2 pts. 

Biotechnology and Society Notes Table                          ______/    2 pt

Bibliography (MLA Format)                                             ______/    1pt


                                                                      Total   __________/15 pts.



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