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Ulysses Signature Program Northwest High School: Home

Contact: Dr. Suzanne Borenzweig, Ulysses Program Coordinator 301.353.8245;; @UlyssesNWHS

Ulysses Signature Program at Northwest High School


Ulysses Fair 2019/MCPS TV

The Ulysses Program is a four-year program that encourages student-initiated explorations in areas of strong interest. Research skills are emphasized through signature sections of English, history, and science. All course offerings are at the honors or AP level; interdisciplinary connections are encouraged. Through independent and collaborative research and technology-infused presentations, students experience various modes of inquiry while learning to use their minds well. Ulysses students study, create, and achieve in an intellectual and nurturing community of learners.

The Ulysses Program is admission-by-application only. Only students who live in the Northwest cluster may apply. Students apply in their eighth grade year for ninth grade admission to the four-year program. The online application submission window for the Ulysses Program is currently open. Application materials for the Class of 2023 are available below. The application deadline for the Class of 2023 is midnight on February 19, 2019.

Freshmen who are accepted to the Ulysses Signature Program will be registered for the following courses: Signature Honors English 9, Signature Honors Biology or Physics, and Advanced Placement NSL Government. 

Ulysses upperclassmen take the following courses:

• Signature Honors English 10

• Signature Honors Chemistry

• Signature AP Biology or Physics (not required)

• Signature AP United States History

• Signature AP World History

The required Ulysses research courses include:

Advanced Research A/B

Required for Ulysses juniors, this semester course in research design prepares students for their senior projects. Students will hone their writing and organizational skills while exploring the essential components of quantitative and qualitative methodology, sophisticated technology, and professional presentations. The final project for the course is the research proposal for the senior project.

Ulysses Senior Research Project A/B

Required for Ulysses seniors, this semester course provides students with the structure and guidance necessary to complete their final Ulysses Projects. All projects are presented to the community at the Ulysses Fair in January or April.

Class of 2023 Ulysses Program Application (for rising 9th graders)

Thank you for your interest in the Ulysses Program at Northwest High School.  The application process is completely electronic. Please follow the steps below:

  • Read the general information about the Ulysses Program and the Ulysses application process. The Ulysses Program is only open to students who reside in the Northwest cluster.
  • Read the short answer questions and essay prompts. Draft responses and essay in a Word document or a Google doc. Be sure to proofread, revise, edit, and finalize as needed.
  • Copy and paste final responses into Google application form. Submit. (You should receive an immediate email confirmation acknowledging receipt of application. Check spam folder, if not received.)
  • Print and complete form below to request current English, World Studies and/or Science teachers to complete the online recommendation form. Two teacher recommendations are required. Teachers may submit recommendations by February 22, 2019.

All forms must be completed and submitted ELECTRONICALLY no later than February 19, 2019. Remember to click SUBMIT! You should receive an email confirming receipt of your application. If you do not receive a confirmation email, your application was not received and/or you submitted an invalid email address. Please double check!  

Teacher Recommendation Request Forms (Teachers: Please email Dr. Borenzweig for secure link to recommendation form.)

Ulysses Signature Program APPLICATION Class of 2023

Students:  Are you ready to submit your application?

  • Have you reviewed the application requirements?
  • Have you composed your essay and short answer responses in Word or a Google doc?
  • Have you proofread and revised your essay and short answer responses?
  • Are you ready to copy and paste your final essay and short answer responses into the Google form?
  • Have you asked two of your current teachers to complete and submit the recommendation form?