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Northwest High School Media Center: Biology: Cancer Project

"When we open a book, research a topic, wonder, build, tinker, ponder a quote, argue a point, adjust an attitude, define and test our character, we learn something new and have an opportunity to contribute to the world."


Part III:  Treatment and regaining homeostasis

  1. You will survey traditional treatments for cancer in the context of how they help bring the patient back to a state of health.

Part IV: Putting it all together & proposal preparation

a.   Your team will create your proposal for the cancer center campaign.   Forbes magazine describes five components of the best marketing campaigns:  recognizable authenticity, charity benefits, branded products, multiple events, and press coverage. 

b.   Products to bring to the final presentation of your group’s campaign proposal will include:

1.  Statistical evidence to support the choice of becoming a comprehensive cancer center, or one that specializes in one or two types of cancer (including at least one cancer type with an inherited risk).

2.  Patient education material mockups:  brochures, websites, videos, 3-D models, or other format.  Topics to include:

  • What is a normal cell cycle, and what can happen when the cell cycle is disrupted?

  • What is a mutation, and how can they interfere with a normal cell cycle?

  • What is the role of genetics in cancer, and how can one’s risk be assessed?

  • Role of nutrition in managing disease

3.  Explanation and justification for the types of treatments the center will provide, and supportive services that will be offered.

4.   Description of the campaign marketing components (from Forbes magazine) that your campaign will feature.

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