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Northwest High School Media Center: AP NSL STREET

"When we open a book, research a topic, wonder, build, tinker, ponder a quote, argue a point, adjust an attitude, define and test our character, we learn something new and have an opportunity to contribute to the world."


AP NSL Politics: Who will be our Democrat and Republican Candidates?

You have been actively reading, making claims, and supporting them with evidence.  Now we will add analyzing data in a semester group project where your team will predict the final Democratic and Republican candidate.

Overarching Objectives: 

  • Analyze the impact of social media on the perceptions of Presidential candidates

  • Make inferences concerning political ideologies of Presidential candidates using multiple data sources

  • Corroborate databases to create an unbiased profile of Presidential candidates

  • Evaluate poll data to determine public opinion of Presidential candidates and the impact of that opinion

  • Evaluate various types of data from multiple sources to select the Republican and Democratic nominees for President

Sample MEME from Student:

A: Review the current candidates for the presidential primaries.  As of 9/9/15 there are FIVE democrats and 17 republicans.  Locate and review their twitter feeds and Facebook (or other legitimate social media sites). 

  1. Divide the candidates between each member of group

  2. Each group member is responsible for choosing 2 (or more) tweets or posts that they like from the candidates they are assigned.

  3. Submit the entire tweet or post, date, and a personal reflection on the following questions:

    1. What does this tweet or post show about their political views?

    2. How does this tweet or post impact public perception of this candidate?

  4. There will be a total of 44 tweets or posts with analysis for the entire group submitted for grade by:10/19/15

  5. Final Product:As a group, choose 5 tweets or posts to put on your final product that shows the diversity among candidates.

  6. * In the event that your candidate does not utilize any form of social media, you must find quotes about them from news outlets or interviews.

B:  Narrow your focus from “5 and 17” to “4 and 4”.  As a group pick the 4 candidates from each side that you like the best and complete a profile sheet for each person.  You must do some research and utilize current news outlets.  Do not utilize social media for this piece.  Most papers and political parties have current data on the primaries.

  1. Each group member is responsible for completing at least 2 profiles

  2. Each group member must read at least 3 articles to gather their information

    1. Sources should include major media outlets, party websites, candidate websites, and government sites.

    2. WIKIPEDIA is not a source for this piece of the project

    3. Beware of sites that are .org—read their mission or about me information because they could have political agendas and you want unbiased profile of each person

  3. Profile:design a consistent template among the group members

    1. Must include:full name, party affiliation, 3-5 major campaign points, demographic appeal, political resume or Job experience, and identify major fund contributors

    2. Personal Response:Clearly list 2 strengths and 2 weakness of this candidate based on your research.

  4. Grades: Individual grade for each group members profile due by: 10/26/15

C:  What do people think?  Using Gallop Polls, Infographics, and statistics from news outlets, tell us what the public thinks about your candidates

  1. Find 4-8 polls about the candidates who made the final four in each party for your group

  2. Cite the source of poll—please stay away from social media polls for this part.

  3. Polls can be about the party, a topic, or about a specific candidate.

  4. Analyze the poll and answer the following as a group:

    1. Does this poll help or hurt the party?

    2. What does this poll tell you about the stance of the candidates?

    3. What demographic does this poll represent?Do you think you would get the same answers in another age or race group?

    4. What follow up questions would you ask about this poll?

  5. Grades: Group grade for each team member is due by: 11/3/15

TWITTER Resources:

Resources to help you complete your project:

Twitter and Instagram for candidates:

CNN Presidential Candidates on Twitter:





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