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Northwest High School Media Center: Black Eyed Susan & Book Club

"When we open a book, research a topic, wonder, build, tinker, ponder a quote, argue a point, adjust an attitude, define and test our character, we learn something new and have an opportunity to contribute to the world."

2016-2017 Black Eyed Susan Books

Welcome to the BES selections for the 2016-2017 school year.  You will need to read at least 3 in the high school category and take the corresponding quizzes (linked below) in order to vote and be part of the Northwest BES Club and parties.  

Check out trailers below and start reading today!

Do you like to read?  WANT SSL?  Help the library promote their book collection by completing an SSL Project based on a book you read.  See the Media Center Staff for directions.  Fun. Easy. Creative.

BES Voting


BES Trailers

Book Club

BES Trailers

BES Trailers